Who We Are

Pulsar Recordings is a trance record label founded in the summer of 2010 and launched in early 2011. Since then we have been promoting and releasing music of the highest quality from producers all over the world.

Being supported by the biggest DJ’s on the planet like Armin van Buuren, Aly & Fila, Paul van Dyk and many others, serves as a testimony of the aforementioned quality that we have managed to achieve.

Most importantly, we are always there for our fans, listening to the very people that are the foundation of our label. With their support we have remained immune to the commercialization trends that many have fallen under.

We have became known as “The Gatekeepers Of Trance”.

Our Best Works

a small selection of over 300+ releases in our catalog
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MozartOf Trance

When we say Dmitry Bobrowsky it might not sound familiar, but if you're an avid trance listener, and think of trance as the next level of classical music, then you surely have heard of Sound Apparel.


Three producers under the artist name Triplane have come together to create and feature magnificent vocals of Juli on this progressive trance record called 'Fade Away'.

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Earth has music for those who listen.

'Caldera' by Raytheon is one of our most popular releases. When we released this track back in 2012, we could not have believed the success it will reach. It went on becoming a true classic of our label.


OF THE BESTfor free?

Pulsar Recordings is known among its fans for giving away many of its mix compilations for free download. The most popular ones are the annually released "Best Of Pulsar" series.

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If you are looking for quality Trance you've come to the right label. Pulsar Recordings came onto the scene in 2011 with a beautiful surprise. All releases were unique and really showcased how far Trance had come.